Educators are critical to the success of Junior Achievement. By inviting Junior Achievement into your classroom, you gain access to hands-on learning programs that reinforce your class curricula, while empowering students to believe in themselves. A Junior Achievement program in your classroom brings your students an engaging, hands-on learning experience through a unique delivery system. The programs are administered by a trained volunteer from the community who is willing to share his or her life experiences with your class. Just like you, Junior Achievement wants kids to be successful. The hands-on learning programs we offer, and the volunteers who deliver them, enforce what you work tirelessly and successfully to achieve each day – helping kids succeed.

Correlations to NC Common Core Standards and NC Social Studies Curriculum Essential Standards

To ensure its offerings are relevant, Junior Achievement correlates all its programs to NC Common Core Standards as well as to NC goals for K-12 social studies curriculum.  Junior Achievement programs are designed to enhance or complete efforts to meet any given standards. The flexibility of the programs and supplementary materials allow specific content or skills to be addressed in depth by the teacher and/or volunteer as needed. Read the study.

What Educators Say About Junior Achievement Programs

  • Teachers have high praise for the program. They rated it 9.4 on a 10-point scale.
  • 99% percent say their students enjoyed Junior Achievement.
  • Teachers credit volunteers as a major factor for the positive impact of Junior Achievement, saying that volunteers bring an outside business perspective into the classroom and serve as positive role models for students.

To learn more about Junior Achievement programs correlations to NC Common Core Standards and Social Studies curriculum, download “A correlation between Common Core State Standards, North Carolina Goals and Junior Achievement Programs.


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